Monday, May 20, 2013


Hi. My name's Stephen, and I am also known as DJ Empirical. This is a temporary site, to be used until I have a proper one developed.

As I've become more active in secular and feminist communities, I thought I should separate (for the most part) my dj name from those other topics. Not because "DJ Empirical" doesn't also hold hose views, but because I'd at least like a bit of a buffer between my own personal/political views and the music I create, especially since I often work with other musicians.

As such, the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of those other folks. Additionally, the views expressed here don't reflect those of my day job employer, whom I won't even bother to mention here, as it's not relevant to anything posted here. The DJ Empirical site’s blog will move to just being music/pop culture in general, while anything political or just general interest will likely appear here. (I have a tumblr too, which may syndicate through to here. Still working on that.)

If you have questions, leave comments. I’m writing from the viewpoint I am familiar with: a cis white male progressive. I’m absolutely open to reasoned, civil discourse, and as I am quite new to skeptical/political/feminist blogging, please call me out if necessary, and I’ll reconsider what I've written.

I don’t know that anything I write will be terribly new, or much of a different view from others, but I feel as if I should write, so here we are.


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